After a career of more than 30 years, I consider myself a marine life and marine-themed artist. I do paint other subject matter, but water influences 99% of my work. I consider myself a watercolor artist. I do sometimes paint with ink, acrylics, and even oils, but I always come back to watercolor. I started painting at the age of 6. I was introduced to watercolor in school by E de May Smith, an accomplished artist who happened to teach at Ashley Hall School in Charleston, SC. In college, I was mentored by Harry Hansen, another accomplished watercolor artist who gave me direction and a career. I am not a traditional watercolor artist. My works are vibrant. I use watermarks to create detail and depth. I am quick to use metallic paint or add ink if it gets the images I have in my head to appear on paper. My work has been called naïve, youthful, and cartoonish. I took that critique to heart and wrote and illustrated my award-winning children’s books in 2021. I prefer to work on larger pieces and buy watercolor paper by the roll but have had huge success with smaller pieces as well. For over 30 years, I have tried everything to keep my creativity fresh and vibrant. I am happiest with a brush in my hand, usually size 20 – 40 (round).