Loneliness is a human companion. Probably the most thing that makes people miss their childhood is the feeling of omnipotence and immeasurable power. Making the impossible possible. Making anything with a ball of dough that smelled of oil and was inedible, and if it fell on the carpet or rug! Longing and loneliness have been and are common to humans, but this common has had a greater manifestation in adulthood. I always dreamed of living in the heart of a wave. Lean on the blue wall of the waves and look at the peak of the wave and write about the essence of the sea and share everything that has become the reason for our impatience with the sea. O boundless sea, my heart longs for the soft sands of your shore. My heart is wet and eager and restless, I want you. Alas, every time I write and write on the huge page, I see him lonely, homesick and restless like me.